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Be UNIQUE Inc. (hereinafter referred as “Company”) has established this privacy policy with an emphasis on the appropriate protection and management of Name, Address, Phone number, E-mail address, age, etc. (hereinafter referred as “Personal Information”) provided by customer.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information
Company may ask the customer to provide Personal Information on one of the contents of our website. In such cases, Company shall clarify the purpose of use of provided Personal Information, and upon consent of customer, ask to offer within an appropriate scope.

2. Management of Personal Information
Company shall ensure the safe management not to case the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of information. Company may entrust the handling of personal information to contractors as a part of business; provided that Company is responsible for supervising the contractors upon concluding Confidentiality Agreement. Except for the aforementioned, Company shall not disclose to any third party, except in response to request from judicial related organization and other that has followed the procedures based on laws and regulations.

3. Use of Personal Information
Company shall use Personal Information within the scope indicated at acquisition, and to the extent necessary for performance of duties. Company, in case entrusting the handling of Personal Information to third party, shall conclude a contract to strict confidentiality, clarify its responsibility, and provide necessary and appropriate supervision for safe management of Personal Information.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
Company shall not provide any Personal Information to third parties, except following cases;
・Have consented with customer
・Have stipulated in Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations

5. Personal Information related Inquiries (Correction, Disclosure, Deletion)
Company, in case customer requests disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or deletion of individual information, shall promptly respond.

6. Establishment, Implementation and Improvement of Related Regulations of Protection of Personal Information
Company, in order to ensure the above policies, shall disseminate and implement to all employees and related parties, and continuously review and improve the contents of this privacy policy.

7. Name of the Business Operator, Personal Information Protection Manager, and Contact Information

<Personal Information Protection Manager>
Representative Director,Chairman Masayuki Kudo

<Contact for disclosure, etc. of acquired personal information and for inquiries>
SE Sapporo Building 13F, 1-1-2 Kita 7 jo Nishi Kita ward Sapporo city
GSI Co., Ltd. Management Dept Consultation Desk
Business hours: 10:00~16:00 (weekdays)

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